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Regeneration and phagocytic function of devascularized spleens.

The phagocytic function of normal splenic tissue and of regenerated tissue following splenic artery ligation was investigated in rats using radiolabelled stannous fluoride colloid. Colloidal carbon was used to determine the histological location of phagocytosis within the spleen. Six months after ligation, the median weight of the devascularized spleens was 25% of that of spleens in control rats. Technetium stannous colloid clearance by devascularized spleens was reduced to 10% of normal and 25% when corrected for spleen weight. The colloidal carbon injected intravenously was observed primarily in the marginal zone in both normal and devascularized spleens. Histologically, devascularized spleens contained significantly less white pulp and marginal zone. The splenic tissue which regenerates following ligation does not have the phagocytic ability of normal splenic tissue. This may be due to the decreased regrowth of the lymphoid compartments of the spleen.[1]


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