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Examination of eight cases of multiple sclerosis and 56 neurological and non-neurological controls for genomic sequences of measles virus, canine distemper virus, simian virus 5 and rubella virus.

In situ hybridization studies have been carried out on brain samples from eight cases of multiple sclerosis ( MS) and 56 non-neurological and neurological controls, using single-stranded 35S-labelled RNA probes prepared against genomic RNA sequences of measles virus, canine distemper virus, rubella virus and simian virus 5. Foci of hybridization were found using probes against the measles virus nucleocapsid protein (N), phosphoprotein and fusion protein gene sequences in two of the MS cases, and also in one control, a case of disseminated cytomegalovirus infection with spinal cord necrosis. This result was confirmed using biotinylated probes prepared against the measles virus N genomic sequence. No hybridization was found in any of the MS or control cases using any of the other viral genome-specific probes.[1]


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