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Gene Review

N  -  nucleocapsid protein

Measles virus

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Disease relevance of N

  • By DNA-mediated gene transfer into a line of simian virus 40-transformed monkey kidney cells, the N-specific cDNA was expressed into a single polypeptide of about 60,000 Mr, which was immunoprecipitated by monoclonal antibodies against the measles virus N protein [1].
  • When the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of the N, P, V and C genes were aligned with corresponding sequences of other established members of the morbillivirus genus, compelling homology was found between PDV and canine distemper virus (CDV), whereas there was markedly less similarity between PDV and measles virus or rinderpest virus [2].
  • As with other morbilliviruses, the phosphoprotein (P) gene of PDV was found to be located after the 5' end of the N gene and before the 3' end of the matrix protein gene [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that discrimination between SSPE and MS can be achieved in doubtful cases by IEF using MV-N, P and F proteins [3].
  • Key words: Peste-des-petits-ruminants virus; PCR; RT-PCR; M gene; N gene; H gene; F gene; multiplex PCR [4].

High impact information on N


Chemical compound and disease context of N


Biological context of N


Anatomical context of N


Associations of N with chemical compounds

  • These cross-reactivities and type-specific reactions were obtained with the internal viral proteins (M, P and NP) [9].
  • Affinity purified GST-NP fusion protein has been used as a probe to examine the interaction of NP with [35S] methionine labeled proteins from MV-infected cells [21].
  • Children immunized with inactivated (Tween 80 and diethyl ether, TE) measles vaccine, attenuated live vaccine, or a combination of the two types were studied with regard to the production of hemagglutination-inhibiting (HAI), hemolysis-inhibiting (HLI), and nucleocapsid complement-fixing (CF) antibodies [22].
  • The free N-protein is phosphorylated only on serine residues, whereas the nucleocapsid-associated N-protein is phosphorylated on both serine and threonine residues [23].

Regulatory relationships of N


Other interactions of N


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of N


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