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GABAergic biochemical parameters of the tuberoinfundibular neurons following chronic hyperprolactinemia.

The effect of chronic hyperprolactinemia was studied on (a) GABA concentration in the pituitary anterior lobe; (b) GABA biosynthesis enzyme, glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) activity in the hypothalamic median eminence, and (c) GABA degradation enzyme GABA-transaminase (GABA-T) activity at both levels. In male rats bearing the prolactin-secreting tumor MtTF4 for 1 month or treated for 5 days with estradiol benzoate, the plasma prolactin concentration was markedly increased (between 4- and 10-fold basal values). In both cases, GABA concentration was significantly increased (40-60%) in the anterior pituitary lobe. A slight reduction (20-30%) in GABA-T activity was observed in the anterior lobe while no change in GAD or GABA-T activity was measured in the median eminence. These results are discussed in relationship to a possible feedback input of prolactin on the tuberoinfundibular GABAergic system.[1]


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