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Induction of chromosome aberrations and sister-chromatid exchanges by caprolactam in vitro.

Caprolactam (CAP) induced chromosome aberrations in whole-blood cultures of human lymphocytes at 50 mM without metabolic activation (24-h treatment) and at 200 mM in the presence of rat liver S9 mix (1-h treatment). CAP also produced a dose-dependent increase in polyploid cells, the effect being statistically significant at 25 and 50 mM without S9 mix and at 100 and 200 mM with S9 mix. Without metabolic activation, there was an increase in hypodiploid cells at 50 mM and hyperdiploid cells at 12.5 mM. In Chinese hamster ovary cells, CAP produced a marginal elevation of sister-chromatid exchanges at 125 mM in the presence of S9 mix (4-h treatment). The results show that CAP is able to induce cytogenetic changes in vitro at very high toxic concentrations.[1]


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