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Expression of the M gene of vesicular stomatitis virus cloned in various vaccinia virus vectors.

Initial attempts to clone the matrix ( M) gene of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) in a vaccinia virus expression vector failed, apparently because the expressed M protein, and particularly a carboxy-terminus-distal two-thirds fragment, was lethal for the virus recombinant. Therefore, a transient eucaryotic expression system was used in which a cDNA clone of the VSV M protein mRNA was inserted into a region of plasmid pTF7 flanked by the promoter and terminator sequences for the T7 bacteriophage RNA polymerase. When CV-1 cells infected with recombinant vaccinia virus vTF1-6,2 expressing the T7 RNA polymerase were transfected with pTF7-M3, the cells produced considerable amounts of M protein reactive by Western blot (immunoblot) analysis with monoclonal antibodies directed to VSV M protein. Evidence for biological activity of the plasmid-expressed wild-type M protein was provided by marker rescue of the M gene temperature-sensitive mutant tsO23(III) at the restrictive temperature. Somewhat higher levels of M protein expression were obtained in CV-1 cells coinfected with a vaccinia virus-M gene recombinant under control of the T7 polymerase promoter along with T7 polymerase-expressing vaccinia virus vTF1-6,2.[1]


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