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Bromodeoxyuridine mutagenesis in mammalian cells: mutagenesis is independent of the amount of bromouracil in DNA.

Studies were undertaken to determine how a line of mutant Syrian hamster melanoma cells (HAB-2E) that displays unlimited growth potential when all of the thymine residues in nuclear DNA are replaced by bromouracil (BrUra) could avoid the deleterious effects of bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd) mutagenicity. It was found that BrdUrd could be mutagenic to these cells. However, there was a nonlinear relationship between mutagenicity and the amount of BrUra in the DNA of the HAB-2E cells. With these cells, mutagenicity apparently is determined by the concentration of BrdUrd to which the cells are exposed rather than the amount of BrUra in DNA. These results were obtained with both the induction of ouabain resistance and thioguanine resistance as markers for mutagenesis. The dependence of BrdUrd mutagenicity on BrdUrd concentration was also observed for the parental melanoma cells.[1]


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