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Sizing of the human T cell receptor alpha locus and detection of a large deletion in the Molt-4 cell line.

The human T cell receptor alpha (TCR-alpha) chain gene consists of discontinuous DNA segments encoding multiple variable (V), multiple joining (J), and one constant (C) region. Unlike other immunoglobulin or TCR genes, however, the TCR-alpha locus exhibits an unusual dispersal of J segments that occupy a region of greater than 50 kilobases (kb) upstream of the C region, with the exact size still unknown. We report here the study of the TCR-alpha genetic locus by using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE), which permits the separation of large DNA fragments. Analysis of DNA prepared from normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells, human endothelial cells, and a B cell line demonstrates that both V and C sequences are contained within a single 400-kb SfiI restriction fragment. PFGE analysis of the T cell line Molt 4 suggests a greater than 600-kb deletion involving the TCR-alpha gene.[1]


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