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In vivo functional characterization of a yeast nucleotide sequence: construction of a mini-Mu derivative adapted to yeast.

We have constructed a derivative of the bacteriophage Mu (called MudIIZZ1), which contains the lacZ gene coding for beta-galactosidase (beta Gal) and markers suited for yeast transformation (2 mu circle replication origin and LEU2). This new transposon is an efficient tool for studying the expression of cloned yeast nucleotide sequences through beta Gal-protein fusions. It is also adapted for one-step disruption experiments so that a functional map of the same sequence can be drawn. We have used this MudIIZZ1 transposon to study a 5-kb DNA fragment which had been cloned by complementation of a cold-sensitive respiration-deficient phenotype. By testing the expression of the beta Gal fusions and the disruption phenotype, we have confirmed the presence of a gene required for mitochondrial functions, and revealed another two open reading frames in the same fragment; one of these also interferes with mitochondrial biogenesis. The method is fast and reliable, and has potential for more general purposes which are discussed.[1]


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