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Calcium/calmodulin- mediated action of calcitonin on lipid metabolism in rats.

The effects of calcitonin on lipid metabolism were investigated in three kinds of rats, one strain of rabbits, and a primary culture of rat hepatocytes. In a short-term experiment, calcitonin decreased serum cholesterol and triglycerides after injection in rats on either an ordinary or high-fat diet. In a long-term experiment, calcitonin decreased the serum cholesterol and triglycerides in uremic rats, hypothalamic obese rats, and Watanabe-heritable hyperlipidemic rabbits. In cultured hepatocytes, calcitonin reduced the incorporation of [14C]acetate into cholesterol and triglycerides in a dose-dependent way. Treatment with W7, a calmodulin inhibitor, overcame the decrease caused by calcitonin in serum lipids in rats and in the synthesis of triglycerides from acetate or palmitate in the hepatocytes, but did not alter the intracellular cAMP level or incorporation of [32P]Pi into PI in the cells. The results suggest that calcitonin lowers serum lipid levels and lipogenesis in hepatocytes in a calcium/calmodulin-dependent way.[1]


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