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Chemical Compound Review

Phosphate-32     phosphate

Synonyms: Phosphate-32P, trioxido(oxo)-, AC1L50FN, [32P]-Pi, [32P]Pi, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of phosphate


Biological context of phosphate

  • The gradual addition of netropsin to poly(dA-dT) results in structural perturbations extending into the antibiotic-free base pair regions that begin to level off above 0.02 antibiotic molecules per polynucleotide phosphate (P/D = 50) [5].
  • The activation by FA was not paralleled by an incorporation of [32P]-phosphate into the ATP x Mg-dependent phosphatase, and from the kinetics of activation a protein-protein interaction with ATP x Mg as a necessary factor, can be inferred as the mechanism of activation [16].
  • Initial products of photophosphorylation with AMP and [32P]Pi [17].
  • The turnover of phosphate groups on NF-L during axonal transport was determined after the neurofilaments in retinal ganglion cells were phosphorylated in vivo by injecting mice intravitreally with [32P]orthophosphate [18].
  • However, the specific activity of ATP extracted from macrophages labeled with [32P]Pi during phagocytosis was 40% lower than ATP extracted from control cells [19].

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