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Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of murine 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate mutase cDNA.

Cloning and sequencing of a murine cDNA with the entire coding region of 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate mutase is reported, as a prerequisite for further expression studies of this erythroid specific enzyme in Friend mouse erythroleukemia cells. A comparison between species of the deduced amino acid sequences of these proteins shows 20 substitutions between mouse and human and 21 between mouse and rabbit: none of these substitutions are in positions assumed to be in the active site. Amino acid alignment with the other related enzymes, the phosphoglycerate mutases, in combination with crystallographic data from yeast phosphoglycerate mutase, gives some insight into the structure/function correlation for this protein family. Amino acid residues which are most likely critical for either 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate mutase or phosphoglycerate mutase function are pointed out. Concerning the phylogenetic analysis, phosphoglycerate mutases B and M from mammalians appear to have diverged with the yeast enzyme from a common ancestor, before the emergence of the 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate mutases.[1]


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