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Molecular cloning and sequencing of a cDNA coding for mature human kidney cathepsin H.

A cDNA library was established from human kidney RNA and screened with an extended oligonucleotide probe derived from the amino-acid sequence of human cathepsin H. A recombinant clone, pRF15, was isolated and characterized. DNA sequence analysis of its 1106-nucleotide-long insert revealed that pRF15 encodes the complete protein sequence of mature cathepsin H plus 28 amino acids of a propeptide, thus confirming that cathepsin H is synthesized as a larger precursor molecule and posttranslationally processed. Northern blot analysis indicated that cathepsin H is predominantly synthesized in kidney. A high degree of sequence homology was observed with rat cathepsin H, especially within the propeptide. The part of the prosequence coding for the "minichain" is conserved in the prosequence of aleurain, a plant thiol protease.[1]


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