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Conversion of 6-mercaptopurine to 6-thioguanylic acid in L-1210 cells and human leukemia cells.

The metabolism of 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP) in L-1210 mouse leukemia cells and human chronic myelocytic leukemia cells (CML cells) was examined. The acid-soluble fractions obtained from cells incubated with [8-14C]6-MP were chromatographed on a Dowex-1 formate resin column using a formic acid linear gradient elution system. Chromatography of the extract of L-1210 cells revealed four principal radioactive peaks. The fraction containing the third peak was hydrolyzed by snake venom 5'-nucleotidase (Crotalus adamanteus). Cellulose thin layer chromatography revealed that the radioactive peak of the hydrolysate corresponded to 6-thioguanosine. The results showed that 6-MP was converted to 6-thioinosinic acid (6-TIMP) and 6-thioguanylic acid (6-TGMP) in L-1210 cells. In order to elucidate the pathway of 6-MP conversion to 6-TGMP, we examined the interaction of [8-14C]6-TIMP and purified IMP dehydrogenase. It was found by DEAE-cellulose thin layer chromatography that the IMP dehydrogenase converted 6-TIMP to 6-thioxanthylic acid (6-TXMP). Dowex-1 chromatography of the acid-soluble extract of human CML cells incubated with [8-14C]-6-MP also revealed a radioactive peak corresponding to 6-TGMP. These results suggest that 6-MP is metabolized to 6-TGMP by serial conversion to 6-TIMP and 6-TXMP through the de novo GMP synthetic pathway in L-1210 cells and human CML cells.[1]


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