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Determination of delta-aminobutyric acid and other amino acids in cerebrospinal fluid of pediatric patients by reversed-phase liquid chromatography.

The reversed-phase liquid-chromatographic system described here is capable of resolving the neurotransmitter amino acids aspartic acid, glutamic acid, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) plus 21 other amino acids in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in a single analysis. The amino acids, derivatized with o-phthalaldehyde, are separated in 65 min. Concentrations of glutamine less than or equal to 600 mumol/L can be measured at the same time as GABA greater than or equal to 10 nmol/L. Using this method, we have determined reference intervals for amino acids, including GABA, in CSF in a group of pediatric patients who underwent lumbar puncture before myelography, and who were subsequently shown to have normal myelograms. These intervals are generally lower than those previously reported for childhood, but we believe this results from a more rigid selection of the control group. In addition, artifactual increases in concentrations of free neurotransmitters, caused by breakdown of amino acid conjugates, are minimized by (a) immediate freezing of the CSF samples to prevent enzyme-mediated changes, (b) omission of a deproteinization step, and (c) precolumn derivatization to reduce on-column breakdown of amide and peptide forms.[1]


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