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Self-rated psychiatric symptoms in patients operated on because of primary hyperparathyroidism and in patients with long-standing mild hypercalcemia.

Self-rated psychiatric symptoms were investigated in 30 patients referred for surgery because of primary hyperparathyroidism ( HPT) (serum calcium, 2.87 +/- 0.21 mmol/L) in 38 subjects detected in a health screening, with 15 years of mild hypercalcemia and probable HPT (serum calcium, 2.66 +/- 0.09 mmol/L), and in 38 normocalcemic control subjects. The psychiatric symptomatology was evaluated by use of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist (HSCL-56), a self-rating symptom scale. The patients with verified HPT had the highest mean HSCL score, 89.1 +/- 20.1 before surgery, compared with 76.6 +/- 17.0 (p less than 0.01) in the health survey hypercalcemic patients and 73.8 +/- 16.0 (p less than 0.001) in the controls. The factors for anxiety, depression, and cognitive symptoms were the most pronounced in the HPT patients and were also increased among the mildly hypercalcemic persons of the health survey, compared with the controls. Somatic symptoms such as headache, back pain, chest pain, and weakness were equally common in HPT and in the controls, and measurements of isometric muscle strength of knee extension did not demonstrate reduction of muscle strength in the health survey hypercalcemic patients. Follow-up of the HPT patients 1 year after parathyroid surgery revealed a marked improvement in mental health (HSCL score 73.2 +/- 13.7, p less than 0.001). In the health survey hypercalcemic patients, neither the psychiatric symptomatology nor the muscle strength were influenced by 6 months of oral vitamin D therapy (alphacalcidol). The results demonstrate that psychiatric symptoms are experienced frequently by patients with HPT and minimum to moderate increases in the serum calcium level and that these disturbances are reversed by parathyroid surgery.[1]


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