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Secretion into the culture medium of a foreign gene product from Escherichia coli: use of the ompF gene for secretion of human beta-endorphin.

The ompF gene codes for a major outer membrane protein of Escherichia coli. A plasmid was constructed in which the structural gene for human beta-endorphin is preceded by the upstream region of the ompF gene consisting of the promoter region and the coding regions for the signal peptide and the N terminus of the OmpF protein. When the plasmid was introduced into E. coli N99, and OmpF-beta-endorphin fused peptide was synthesized and secreted into the culture medium through both the cytoplasmic and outer membranes. The OmpF signal peptide was cleaved correctly during the secretion, indicating that the export of the fused protein across the cytoplasmic membrane was dependent on the signal peptide. The secretion into the culture medium was apparently selective. Neither beta-lactamase nor alkaline phosphatase (both are periplasmic proteins) appeared in the culture medium in significant amounts. The mode of passage of the fused peptide across the outer membrane is discussed.[1]


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