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Isolation and characterization of the Aspergillus niger trpC gene.

The Aspergillus niger trpC gene was isolated by complementation experiments with an Escherichia coli trpC mutant. Plasmid DNA containing the A. niger trpC gene transforms an Aspergillus nidulans mutant strain, defective in all three enzymatic activities of the trpC gene, to Trp+, indicating the presence of a complete and functional trpC gene. Southern blot analysis of DNA from these Trp+ transformants showed that plasmid DNA was present but that this DNA was not integrated at the site of the chromosomal trpC locus. The A. niger trpC gene was localized on the cloned fragment by heterologous hybridization experiments and sequence analysis. These experiments suggest that the organization of the A. niger trpC gene is identical to that of the analogous A. nidulans trpC and the Neurospora crassa trp-1 genes.[1]


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