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DNA-mediated gene transfer of a circular plasmid into murine cells.

We have used DNA-mediated gene transfer to introduce a recombinant plasmid containing the human beta-globin gene (H beta 1) into cells of a mouse tissue culture line, Ltk-. DNA isolated from independent transfer lines was analyzed by restriction endonuclease digestion, gel electrophoresis, modified Southern blotting, and filter hybridization using H beta 1 as a probe. H beta 1 sequences were present in 80% of the lines at 1-30 copies per cell. Many of the lines gave a hybridization pattern indicative of H beta 1 sequences integrated into high molecular weight DNA. DNA from three cell lines, digested with several restriction enzymes, produced a pattern providing evidence for the presence of circular H beta 1 molecules in the murine recipient cells.[1]


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