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Progressive multiple sclerosis: abnormal immune functions in vitro and aberrant correlation with enumeration of lymphocyte subpopulations.

In a series of 27 consecutive progressive multiple sclerosis ( MS) patients under age 50 we have simultaneously measured 3 in vitro immune functions and 6 markers and compared their results to a group of 21 controls. We have confirmed a reduction of concanavalin A (Con A) -induced suppression and NK function contrasting with increased IgG secretion in response to pokeweed mitogen (PWM). Among 6 monoclonal antibody-recognized subpopulation (Leu 1, Leu 2, OKT8, Leu 3, Leu 7 and Leu 11) only Leu 2+ lymphocytes were statistically reduced. OKT8+ were slightly reduced, Leu 3+ were slightly increased. Discriminant analysis revealed that the 3 immune functions together with the results of OKT8 and Leu 3 enumeration were sufficient to appropriately classify most of the individuals. Only 3 MS and 4 controls were misclassified. Correlation analysis suggested disappearance of the doubly labelled OKT8/Leu 7 population in MS patients. In MS as opposed to controls Con A-induced suppression did not correlate with suppressor cell markers but correlated with NK cell markers suggesting that in MS this population mediates Con A-induced suppression. IgG secretion and Con A suppressor cell function were inversely correlated in MS patients but not in controls, suggesting that in chronic progressive multiple sclerosis a common abnormality underlies both increased response to PWM and decreased induction of suppression by Con A.[1]


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