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Discriminant Analysis

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  • On the basis of two EEG sleep criteria, REM latency and REM activity, the authors achieved 81% accuracy in distinguishing between 47 patients with primary depression and 48 patients with secondary depression using discriminant analysis [39].
  • In stepwise linear discriminant analysis, the combination of pseudouridine and the probably biochemically related fluorescent unknown, UKF3, contributed most to the differentiation between sera from CAPD and HD patients [40].
  • Using discriminant analysis, in which the independent variables were skin-test sensitivity, PD35-Grs and the RAST score, only in 30% of all patients was bronchial responsiveness to inhaled HD allergen predictable [41].
  • Coronary risk factors, triglyceride, lipoproteins and apolipoproteins were evaluated using stepwise discriminant analysis, smoking was the only discriminator of the control group from VSA and RLP-C was the only discriminator of VSA with MI from VSA without MI [42].
  • Logistic regression, after exploratory discriminant analysis, showed a major association between a common genetic variant of the 3'-UTR regulatory elements of the signal transducer and transactivating factor (STAT6) (P=0.0002) and egg counts, at the 77 th centile [43].


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