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Activated suppressor cell dysfunction in progressive multiple sclerosis.

Concanavalin A (Con A)-induced suppressor activity has previously been shown to be reduced in multiple sclerosis ( MS) patients with active clinical disease. In this study, we demonstrate that OKT3, as well as Con A induced suppressor activity mediated by unfractionated peripheral blood mononuclear cells is reduced in patients with the progressive form of MS. By performing reconstitution experiments involving E+, T4+, or T8+ cells derived from either MS patients or controls, and normal allogeneic macrophages or E- cells, we sought to define the cellular basis for this suppressor defect. In both MS and control groups, E+ cells were required to obtain measurable levels of suppression. Suppressor levels induced by Con A-activated cultures containing E+ cells from MS patients were lower than those induced by those containing control donor E+ cells. Suppression mediated by T8+ cells from MS patients was also lower than for controls. In the control group, suppression mediated by T8+ cells exceeded that mediated by T4+ cells; such differences were not apparent in the MS group. These results suggest that although Con A-induced suppression can be mediated by a number of T and non-T cell subsets, the functional suppressor defect measured in the MS population does involve the T8+ cell subset.[1]


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