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The mouse immune interferon receptor gene is located on chromosome 10.

When mouse L cells are incubated with 32P-labeled recombinant murine immune interferon ( [32P]Mu-IFN-gamma) and subsequently cross-linked with disuccinimidyl suberate, a major complex with an apparent molecular mass of 95,000-125,000 daltons can be visualized by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The complex was not formed when the binding was performed in the presence of excess unlabeled Mu-IFN-gamma or when Chinese hamster ovary cells were used. This complex therefore represents the Mu-IFN-gamma receptor (or its interferon-binding subunit). The chromosomal location of the Mu-IFN-gamma receptor (or the binding subunit of the receptor) gene, termed Ifgr, was identified by performing the binding and cross-linking reactions on a series of mouse-hamster somatic cell hybrids with different subsets of mouse chromosomes. The presence of mouse chromosome 10 was shown to be necessary and sufficient for the formation of the cross-linked complex. Thus, the gene coding for the binding subunit of the Mu-IFN-gamma receptor was localized to mouse chromosome 10. The presence of this chromosome in the hybrid cells was not sufficient, however, to confer antiviral resistance to the hybrids when they were treated with Mu-IFN-gamma and challenged with encephalomyocarditis virus.[1]


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