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Purification and partial characterization of a receptor protein for mouse interferon gamma.

A receptor protein for mouse interferon gamma has been purified from solubilized plasma membranes of the mouse monomyelocytic cell line WEHI-3. Sequential wheat germ agglutinin and ligand affinity chromatography of membranes extracted with octyl beta-D-glucopyranoside resulted in at least a 680-fold purification of the receptor, as measured by precipitating it in association with liposomes composed of phosphatidylcholine. The purified receptor bound 125I-labeled recombinant mouse interferon gamma (rMuIFN-gamma) with a Kd of 10 nM, a value comparable to that obtained with isolated membranes (3.5 nM). PAGE analysis of radiolabeled (with either 35S or 125I) receptor preparations consistently revealed a major band of 95 kDa. This species was degraded with time to smaller fragments, principally one of 60 +/- 5 kDa. Treatment with peptide:N-glycosidase F reduced the apparent molecular masses of the proteins in the 95- and 60-kDa regions by 15-20 kDa each. GR-20, a monoclonal antibody against the receptor, completely inhibited specific binding of 125I-labeled rMuIFN-gamma to WEHI-3 cells, blocked the induction of priming by rMuIFN-gamma of macrophage-mediated tumor cell killing, removed binding activity for 125I-labeled rMuIFN-gamma from solubilized membranes, and immunoprecipitated a single 95-kDa protein from the extract of surface labeled (125I) WEHI-3 cells. Cross-linking of 125I-labeled rMuIFN-gamma to its receptor yielded a complex of 125 +/- 5 kDa, consistent with the binding of the dimeric form of mouse interferon gamma (32 kDa) to a membrane protein of 95 kDa. These data suggest that the receptor for mouse interferon gamma (or a ligand-binding subunit thereof) is a glycoprotein of 95 kDa.[1]


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