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A small mobilizable IncP group plasmid vector packageable into bacteriophage lambda capsids in vitro.

A mobilizable cosmid derivative of an IncP group plasmid was constructed by cloning the oriT region of RK2, a wide host-range plasmid, and the minimal DNA sequence of bacteriophage lambda required for efficient packaging in vitro. This cosmid is 13 kb in size and has unique restriction sites for EcoRI, XhoI, HindIII, and SalI. The XhoI and HindIII sites are within the kanamycin-resistance gene and the SalI site is in the tetracycline-resistance gene. This plasmid was mobilizable from an Escherichia coli donor to a number of diverse gram-negative bacteria at a frequency of 0.8 to 10 per 100 donors. This vector is one of the smallest of all wide host-range cosmids described in the literature. As part of this study, another mobilizable IncP group plasmid vector has also been constructed which, in addition to the sites listed above, has a unique BglII site, but which lacks the packager sequence.[1]


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