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The yeast nuclear gene NAM2 is essential for mitochondrial DNA integrity and can cure a mitochondrial RNA-maturase deficiency.

Dominant mutations in the yeast nuclear gene NAM2 cure the RNA splicing deficiency resulting from the inactivation of the bI4 maturase encoded by the fourth intron of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. This maturase is required to splice the fourth intron of this gene and to splice the fourth intron of the mitochondrial gene oxi3 encoding cytochrome oxidase subunit I. We have cloned the nuclear gene NAM2, which codes for two overlapping RNAs, 3.2 kb and 3.0 kb long, which are transcribed in the same direction but differ at their 5' ends. NAM2 compensating mutations probably result from point mutations in the structural gene. Integration of the cloned gene occurs at its homologous locus on the right arm of chromosome XII. Inactivation of the NAM2 gene either by transplacement with a deleted copy of the gene, or by disruption, is not lethal to the cell, but leads to the destruction of the mitochondrial genome with the production of 100% cytoplasmic petites.[1]


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