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The locus encoding alpha A-crystallin is closely linked to H-2K on mouse chromosome 17.

We have used a complementary DNA (cDNA) for mouse alpha A-crystallin to probe genomic DNA for restriction fragment length polymorphisms which could be used to map the alpha A-crystallin gene locus (Acry-1) in the mouse genome. Ten of 12 restriction endonucleases produced fragment polymorphism among various inbred strains of mice. A comprehensive strain survey conducted with six endonucleases resulted in the discovery of six allelic forms of Acry-1. Linkage analysis was conducted on DNA from three sets of recombinant inbred strains of mice and demonstrated close linkage of Acry-1 with the major histocompatibility complex ( H-2) on chromosome 17. Analysis of congenic and recombinant congenic strains of mice confirmed the linkage of Acry-1 and H-2 and located the alpha A gene to the region between glyoxylase (Glo-1) and H-2K.[1]


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