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Expression of the cytochrome b-URF6-URF5 region of the mouse mitochondrial genome.

The nature of RNA coded by the only light-strand (L-strand) open-reading frame unidentified reading frame 6 (URF6) was studied by using a variety of single- and double-strand DNA subclones derived from the 3.6-kilobase (kb) cytochrome b (cyt b)-URF5 coding region of the mouse mitochondrial genome. Northern blot experiments using single-strand-specific M13 clones indicate that both the heavy (H) and L strands of this genomic region are symmetrically transcribed and processed into poly(adenylic acid) [poly(A)] RNAs of comparable size. The 1.2- and 2.4-kb RNAs coded by the H strand, putative mRNAs for cyt b and URF5 reading frames, respectively, are derived from a common precursor of 3.6-kb RNA. The L-strand-coded 1.15-kb RNA, on the other hand, is derived from a short-lived precursor of 3.6-kb RNA by a multiple-step processing involving a 2.4-kb intermediate RNA. The S1 nuclease protection experiments using both the 3'- or 5'-end-labeled DNA probes and also affinity-purified 32P-labeled RNA probes indicate that the 1.15-kb RNA maps between the start of the URF6 reading frame (3' end) and a region 590-600 nucleotides to the 5' end of this reading frame. The 1.15-kb RNA thus contains the entire URF6 coding sequence and an about 590-nucleotide-long 3' untranslated region. The molar abundance of the three mRNAs in the steady-state mitochondrial RNA varies markedly. The 1.15-kb URF6 mRNA is only one-tenth the level of 1.2-kb cyt b mRNA, although it is nearly as abundant as the 2.4-kb URF5 mRNA.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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