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The involvement of iron in lipid peroxidation. Importance of ferric to ferrous ratios in initiation.

Intense lipid peroxidation of brain synaptosomes initiated with Fenton's reagent (H2O2 + Fe2+) began instantly upon addition of Fe2+ and preceded detectable OH. formation. Although mannitol or Tris partially blocked peroxidation, concentrations required were 10(3)-fold in excess of OH. actually formed, and inhibition by Tris was pH dependent. Lipid peroxidation also was initiated by either Fe2+ or Fe3+ alone, although significant lag phases (minutes) and slowed reaction rates were observed. Lag phases were dramatically reduced or nearly eliminated, and reaction rates were increased by a combination of Fe3+ and Fe2+. In this instance, lipid peroxidation initiated by optimal concentrations of H2O2 and Fe2+ could be mimicked or even surpassed by providing optimal ratios of Fe3+ to Fe2+. Peroxidation observed with Fe3+ alone was dependent upon trace amounts of contaminating Fe2+ in Fe3+ preparations. Optimal ratios of Fe3+:Fe2+ for the rapid initiation of lipid peroxidation were on order of 1:1 to 7:1. No OH. formation could be detected with this system. Although low concentrations of H2O2 or ascorbate increased lipid peroxidation by Fe2+ or Fe3+, respectively, high concentrations of H2O2 or ascorbate (in excess of iron) inhibited lipid peroxidation due to oxidative or reductive maintenance of iron exclusively in Fe2+ or Fe3+ form. Stimulation of lipid peroxidation by low concentrations of H2O2 or ascorbate was due to the oxidative or reductive creation of Fe3+:Fe2+ ratios. The data suggest that the absolute ratio of Fe3+ to Fe2+ was the primary determining factor for the initiation of lipid peroxidation reactions.[1]


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