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The ral gene: a new ras related gene isolated by the use of a synthetic probe.

We synthesized a set of 20-mer oligonucleotides corresponding to a sequence of seven amino acids strictly conserved in all the different ras proteins, from yeast to man, as well as in rho and YPT, two proteins distantly related to p21 ras (approximately 30% amino acid homology). This oligonucleotide probe was used to search for new members of the ras family. We describe here a new ras related gene named ral, isolated from a cDNA library of immortalized simian B-lymphocytes. The ral gene codes for a 206 amino acid protein of expected mol. wt 23.5 kd that shares greater than 50% homology with H-ras, K-ras or N-ras. The GTP binding regions of p21 ras and a C-terminal cysteine involved in membrane anchoring are also present in ral; this strongly suggests that ral is a GTP binding protein with membrane localization. Furthermore, several external regions of p21 ras presumably involved in the interaction with effector, receptor and/or regulatory proteins are highly homologous to the corresponding regions in ral. Therefore some of the proteins that interact with ral might be identical or closely related to those interacting with p21 ras.[1]


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