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Paraquat-mediated selection for mutations in the manganese-superoxide dismutase gene sodA.

We report the unexpected result that Escherichia coli isolates containing a multicopy plasmid (pDT1.5) carrying the manganese-superoxide dismutase gene sodA were more sensitive than the wild type to paraquat-mediated growth inhibition. The pDT1.5 locus responsible for the paraquat-sensitive phenotype was delimited to a 0.6-kilobase segment by transposon Tn5 mutagenesis. Moreover, superoxide dismutase activity was the same as in the wild type in strains carrying pDT1.5::Tn5 insertions mapping to the 0.6-kilobase locus. These data identify the 0.6-kilobase segment as the locus of sodA and establish an association between growth inhibition by paraquat and the function of the plasmid-borne sodA gene.[1]


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