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Chemical Compound Review

Braunstein     dioxomanganese

Synonyms: Bruinsteen, pyrolusite, Mangandioxid, Mangaanbioxyde, Mangaandioxyde, ...
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Gene context of dioxomanganese

  • Catalase (HPI), but not manganese-superoxide dismutase, was over-expressed under anaerobic conditions in a strain harboring a constitutive oxyR mutation [25].
  • We report the unexpected result that Escherichia coli isolates containing a multicopy plasmid (pDT1.5) carrying the manganese-superoxide dismutase gene sodA were more sensitive than the wild type to paraquat-mediated growth inhibition [26].
  • Paraquat-mediated selection for mutations in the manganese-superoxide dismutase gene sodA [26].
  • In order to test the hypothesis that the redox state of the cell is involved in regulating manganese-superoxide dismutase biosynthesis, we studied the effects of several oxidants on growth and superoxide dismutase biosynthesis [12].
  • It is concluded that the redox state of the cell possibly influences the biosynthesis and/or activity of an iron-containing repressor protein that serves to negatively regulate manganese-superoxide dismutase biosynthesis [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of dioxomanganese


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