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Sindbis virus infection increases hexose transport in quiescent cells.

Sindbis virus infection of baby hamster kidney cells or chick embryo cells resulted in a significant increase in the rate of uptake of [2-3H]deoxy-D-glucose ([3H]dGlu). Stimulation of hexose transport in Sindbis virus-infected cells occurred only if the cells were rendered quiescent by culturing at high density or by serum starvation. In contrast, Sindbis virus-induced inhibition of potassium transport, measured as a decrease in the uptake of 86Rb+, was independent of cell growth state. Stimulation of [3H]dGlu uptake in Sindbis virus-infected cells was the result of an increase in the Vmax of the hexose transporter, but not a change in the Km. The stimulation of [3H]dGlu uptake induced by Sindbis virus was insensitive to the drug actinomycin D, but was blocked by cordycepin. The stimulation was also insensitive to treatment with tunicamycin, which prevented the virally induced inhibition of the plasma membrane-associated Na+/K+ ATPase and termination of host protein synthesis.[1]


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