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Species and rat strain variation in pancreatic nodule induction by azaserine.

Subtoxic doses of azaserine induced atypical acinar cell nodules (AACN) in the pancreases of outbred Wistar rats, inbred W/LEW and F344 rats, and outbred Charles River CD-1 albino mice 4-6 months after initiation of treatment in the growing animal. These AACN apparently represented preneoplastic lesions, some of which have the potential to develop into adenomas or adenocarcinomas. Wistar and W/LEW rats were highly responsive to nodule induction; AACN developed in about 90% of the outbred Wistar rats and in all of the W/LEW rats tested. F344 rats were less susceptible and developed about 10% as many AACN as the Wistar rats. Female rats developed approximately half as many AACN as males. The mouse was intermediate in response between the F344 and the two Wistar rats. Syrian golden hamsters and strain 13 guinea pigs were relatively unresponsive. These studies of azaserine-induced AACN provided a basis for selection of carcinogenic azaserine regimens and suggested that the young male W/LEW rat was the most sensitive of the animals studied.[1]


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