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The role of insulin in the modulation of glucagon-dependent control of phenylalanine hydroxylation in isolated liver cells.

The stimulation of phenylalanine hydroxylation in isolated liver cells by sub-maximally effective concentrations of glucagon (less than 0.1 microM) is antagonized by insulin (0.1 nM-0.1 microM). This phenomenon is a consequence of a decrease in the glucagon- stimulated phosphorylation of phenylalanine hydroxylase from liver cells incubated in the presence of insulin. The impact of insulin on the phosphorylation state and activity of the hydroxylase is mimicked by incubation of liver cells in the presence of orthovanadate (10 microM). A series of cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP analogues enhanced phenylalanine hydroxylation: in each case insulin diminished the stimulation of flux. These results are discussed in the light of the characteristics of insulin action on other metabolic processes.[1]


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