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The primary structure of a procaryotic glycoprotein. Cloning and sequencing of the cell surface glycoprotein gene of halobacteria.

The hexagonally patterned surface layer of halobacteria consists of a true glycoprotein. This procaryotic glycoprotein has recently been shown to exhibit novel features with respect to saccharide structure and saccharide biosynthesis. The primary structure and the location of glycosylation sites were determined by cloning and sequencing of the glycoprotein gene of Halobacterium halobium. According to the predicted amino acid sequence, the glycoprotein is synthesized with a N-terminal leader sequence of 34 amino acid residues reminiscent of eucaryotic and procaryotic signal peptides. A hydrophobic stretch of 21 amino acid residues at the C terminus probably serves as a transmembrane domain. 14 threonine residues are clustered adjacent to this membrane anchor and linked to these threonines are all the disaccharides of the cell surface glycoprotein. 12 N-glycosylation sites are distributed over the polypeptide chain.[1]


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