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Interactions between a DNA-binding transcription factor (COUP) and a non-DNA binding factor (S300-II).

We have identified previously two transcription factors, COUP (chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter) and S300-II, from HeLa cell nuclear extracts. In this paper, the purine base and the phosphate backbone contact sites for the COUP transcription factor were defined. These studies indicate that the COUP box transcription factor interacts with specific base residues in the major groove of the DNA helix. In addition, we have purified the S300-II factor over 100,000-fold. The polypeptide possessing functional transcriptional activity has been identified by SDS-PAGE followed by gel-slice elution and a renaturation assay. It is absolutely required for in vitro function of the ovalbumin promoter. In addition, S300-II stimulates transcription from the MMTV and lysozyme promoters. Kinetic studies probing the interaction of S300-II with COUP factor suggest that it may stabilize COUP-promoter complexes by slowing their rate of dissociation.[1]


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