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Ocular hypotensive efficacy of 0.25% levobunolol instilled once daily.

The authors evaluated the efficacy of once-daily treatment with levobunolol in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension in an open-labeled, two-phase titration clinical trial. All patients started the study using 0.25% levobunolol administered once daily for 3 months (phase I). If a patient's intraocular pressure (IOP) was not controlled with this concentration of levobunolol, the concentration was increased to 0.5% administered once daily for 3 months (phase II). During phase I, a significant reduction in IOP was observed in 21 of the 29 patients (72%), with an average IOP reduction of 24%. During phase II, in six patients whose IOP was reduced inadequately with 0.25% levobunolol, one had a significant reduction in IOP with 0.5% levobunolol. The authors concluded that levobunolol, instilled once daily at a concentration of 0.25%, was effective in significantly reducing IOP in the majority of the patients evaluated.[1]


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