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Yeast nuclear gene CBS2, required for translational activation of cytochrome b, encodes a basic protein of 45 kDa.

In yeast, synthesis of apocytochrome b from mitochondrial COB mRNA depends on at least three nuclear gene products. The translation stimulatory effect by two of these nuclear genes, CBS1 and CBS2, is mediated by the 5'-untranslated leader of COB mRNA. In this report, we show that CBS2 is located on chromosome IV and provide genetic evidence that the CBS2 gene encodes a polypeptide. Determination of the DNA sequence reveals a contiguous open reading frame of 1167 bp. The deduced polypeptide has a calculated molecular weight of 44.5 kDa and is characterized by a high content of positively charged amino acids. It has no significant homology to any known protein. The CBS2 gene is transcribed into low abundance mRNA species with a major transcription initiation site located 97 bp upstream from the ATG start codon next to a poly(dA-dT) stretch.[1]


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