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Gene Review

CBS1  -  Cbs1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: COB-specific translational activator protein CBS1, Cytochrome b translational activator protein CBS1, mitochondrial, YDL069C
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High impact information on CBS1


Biological context of CBS1

  • The results exclude the possibility that suppressor genes have been cloned and confirm the conclusion that both genes, CBS1 and CBS2, specifically are involved in translation of mitochondrial COB RNA [4].
  • Here we report on the identification of two unique chromosomal DNA-sequences of 2 kb and 2.3 kb from yeast wild type gene banks which functionally complement cbs1 and cbs2 mutants, respectively [4].
  • CoxIII translation from an mRNA bearing the 5' leader of the mitochondrial gene aap1 was not dependent on CBS1 activity [5].
  • In this paper we show that the CBS1 gene is located on chromosome IV immediately adjacent to COX9, the gene coding for cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIa [6].
  • Yeast transformants harboring the CBS1 gene under the control of the strong ADC1 promoter on a high copy number plasmid express the mitochondrial CBS1 protein at artificially high levels [7].

Anatomical context of CBS1

  • We conclude that the product of the nuclear gene CBS1, or something under its control, acts in the mitochondrion on the cob mRNA 5' leader to activate translation of down-stream coding sequences [5].
  • Based on its solubilization properties the CBS1 protein is presumed to be a component of the mitochondrial membrane; the detergent concentrations needed to release CBS1 from mitochondria are almost the same as for cytochrome c1 [8].
  • CoxIII was translated from a chimeric mRNA bearing the cob leader only when the zygotes contained a wild-type CBS1 gene [5].
  • In accordance with this result is the observation that the steady-state level of CBS1 mRNA of anaerobically grown cells is ninefold lower than that of aerobically cultured cells [6].
  • We demonstrate here by means of blue native gel electrophoresis, density gradient centrifugation and tandem affinity purification that a portion of Cbs1p is also associated with mitochondrial ribosomes [2].

Associations of CBS1 with chemical compounds

  • By monitoring the beta-galactosidase activity of a CBS1/lacZ fusion construct we show that expression of CBS1 is subjected to regulation by oxygen and by glucose: the beta-galactosidase activity is elevated threefold in glycerol or galactose grown cells compared to that in glucose grown cells [6].
  • Similarly, a particular M.grisea CBS1 (encoding cystathionine beta-synthase) TAGKO cDNA failed to complement cysteine auxotrophy in a yeast CBS mutant [9].
  • In addition, we demonstrate that the amount of ribosome-associated Cbs1p is elevated in the presence of chloramphenicol, which is known to stall ribosomes on mRNAs [2].

Regulatory relationships of CBS1

  • Translation of mitochondrial cytochrome b mRNA in yeast is activated by the product of the nuclear gene CBS1 [10].

Other interactions of CBS1

  • In this article I review available data on CBS1p and CBS2p from the initial detection of the genes up to the current investigations on interacting components and the proteins' topology [11].
  • Chromosomal localization and expression of CBS1, a translational activator of cytochrome b in yeast [6].
  • AUG codons in the RNA leader sequences of the yeast PET genes CBS1 and SCO1 have no influence on translation efficiency [12].
  • Molecular characterization of a cystathionine beta-synthase gene, CBS1, in Magnaporthe grisea [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CBS1


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