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Schistosoma mansoni from naturally infected Rattus rattus in Guadeloupe: identification, prevalence and enzyme polymorphism.

An enzymatic comparison has been made between isolates of Schistosoma mansoni from rats and humans in Guadeloupe and a Burundi isolate of S. rodhaini. Analyses of LDH, MDH, AcP, PGM, GPI, G6PDH and HK by isoelectric focusing provided no evidence for the involvement of S. rodhaini in the recent evolution of the schistosomes currently endemic in Guadeloupe. No distinction could be made between murine and human isolates of S. mansoni and it is suggested that murine schistosomiasis should not therefore be ignored in control programmes. Rattus rattus were captured at seven sites around the island; of 142 examined, 48 were positive for schistosomes. Differences in prevalence between habitats were marked and only small changes in prevalence were observed in localities sampled in 1982 and 1983. Animals with the greatest worm burdens were associated with areas of high prevalence, and age-related changes in worm burden were observed. Two alleles, a and b, at the MDH-1 locus of S. mansoni from rats were identified. Differences in the overall frequencies of these alleles were observed for schistosomes from different localities. Allelic frequencies representative of schistosomes from rats at four localities were stable from 1982 to 1983. The majority of positive animals, even those with light worm burdens, were found to be infected with a number of different schistosome genotypes.[1]


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