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The role of the kappa enhancer and its binding factor NF-kappa B in the developmental regulation of kappa gene transcription.

We report here on a comparison of plasmacytoma cell lines that differ markedly in their ability to express kappa immunoglobulin genes introduced by transfection, but nevertheless express their endogenous kappa genes at comparable levels. The cell line that fails to express exogenous kappa genes is nonpermissive for kappa enhancer function, apparently because it lacks a specific kappa enhancer-binding nuclear factor (NF-kappa B). We show that this same nuclear factor is also lacking in pre-B cells and that treatment of these cells with bacterial lipopolysaccharide induces the appearance of NF-kappa B in nuclear extracts and concomitantly activates the kappa enhancer. These findings indicate that factor NF-kappa B controls kappa enhancer activity, and that this activity is only transiently required during B cell maturation.[1]


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