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Free light chains in the CSF in multiple sclerosis.

The presence of free light chains (FLC) was investigated in 32 patients with clinically definite or laboratory supported definite multiple sclerosis ( MS), 2 patients with neurosyphilis and 10 normal controls. The detection of FLC in unconcentrated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was performed by means of agarose isoelectric focusing, followed by transfer of proteins to nitrocellulose membranes, double immunofixation, avidin-biotin amplification and peroxidase staining. Bands due to FLC were clearly demonstrated in the CSF of 28 MS patients; 3 of them showed only kappa FLC, 10 only lambda FLC, while 15 had both kappa and lambda FLC. The CSF of 4 MS patients was FLC negative. In both cases of neurosyphilis FLC bands were observed. FLC were never found in normal CSF. Among the indexes of intrathecal immunological activity (IgG oligoclonal bands, FLC, IgG index, intra-blood-brain barrier IgG synthesis rate, pleocytosis) the FLC proved to be the second most frequent abnormality in MS CSF, the presence of IgG oligoclonal bands being the first. In one MS case an FLC band was found, while all the other indexes of intrathecal IgG production were negative. A high correlation was found between an elevated number of FLC and pleocytosis. The presence of FLC in MS CSF seems to indicate a recent immunological stimulation leading to increased synthesis of FLC within the CNS.[1]


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