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Acute poisoning with triethyltin in the rat. Changes in cerebral blood flow, cerebral oxygen consumption, arterial and cerebral venous blood gases.

Experiments were conducted with rats in two groups. In group 1 (survival group) triethyltin was administered i.p. once in a dose of 2.5 mg/kg body weight and in group 2 (terminal group) the animals received triethyltin in a dose of 9 mg/kg of body weight. Twelve and twenty-four hours after triethyltin injection a decrease of 30 to 40% in cerebral blood flow was observed in both groups. A decrease of systemic arterial blood pressure and changes in hematocrit value were found at that time. Progressive bradycardia was noted in all animals at all times of observation. Additionally, 48 h after intoxication, cerebral blood flow was increased in both groups by 13 to 24% above control values. The described changes were accompanied by macroscopic features of brain edema and changes in the cerebral vascular network. Cerebral oxygen consumption was augmented by about 18% 12 h after triethyltin injection in group 1. After 24 h it decreased by about 60% compared with control values, and after 48 h it returned to normal. In group 2 cerebral oxygen consumption was decreased significantly throughout the observation period. This reflects the state of cerebral metabolism at these stages of cerebral edema. The results underscore the necessity of simultaneous monitoring of cerebral blood flow and blood gases in order to distinguish between the particular stages of brain edema revealed by biochemical tests.[1]


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