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The Drosophila Abelson proto-oncogene homolog: identification of mutant alleles that have pleiotropic effects late in development.

The Abelson gene in Drosophila (abl) consists of ten exons extending over 26 kb of genomic DNA. The DNA sequence encodes a protein of 1520 amino acids with sequence homology to the human c-abl proto-oncogene product, beginning at the amino terminus and extending 656 amino acids through the region essential for tyrosine kinase activity. Mutant lesions in the abl gene were identified first by their failure to complement chromosomal deletions that overlap the abl DNA sequence and then by rescue of the mutant phenotypes with an abl minigene in transgenic flies. Elimination of abl zygotic function by mutations produces some recessive lethality at the pharate adult pupal stage, and mutant adults with reduced longevity, reduced fecundity, and an irregular pattern of retinal cells.[1]


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