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Disease relevance of Fertility


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Chemical compound and disease context of Fertility


Biological context of Fertility

  • In addition to being the first identified egg components of the nematode fertilization machinery, the egg-1 and egg-2 gene duplication could be vital with regards to maximizing C. elegans fecundity and understanding the evolutionary differentiation of molecular function and speciation [17].
  • The k = 0.50 and the high fecundity of SDi/SDj combinations indicated that in these males the SD phenomenon is partially suppressed, the SD chromosomes being insensitive to each other, thus implying that particular Rsp alleles are sensitive to given Sd alleles [18].
  • Chronological changes in fertility, fecundity and steroid hormone secretion during consecutive pregnancies in aging rats [19].
  • There was no evidence that female fecundity was influenced by their Pgdh genotype [20].
  • Ovulation in ewes selected for fecundity: effect of synthetic Gn-RH injected on the day of oestrus [21].

Anatomical context of Fertility

  • Although PAFR(-/-) infected mice showed a delay in elimination of adult worms, worms established in the small intestine of these mice produced a significantly lower number of eggs due to a reduction in worm fecundity [22].
  • Spermatozoa from ICSI-derived azh/+ males did not show any impairment of fecundity in in vitro fertilization [23].
  • Comparison of follicle steroidogenesis from normal and polycystic ovaries in women undergoing IVF: relationship between steroid concentrations, follicle size, oocyte quality and fecundability [24].
  • OBJECTIVE: To assess whether a relationship exists between follicular fluid (FF) angiotensin II (AII) concentration and pregnancy outcome or earlier fecundity parameters and whether correlations exist among FF AII concentrations and P, E2, T, androstenedione (A), or various ratios of these [25].
  • Granulosa cells from follicles of different sizes from Booroola x Merino ewes which were homozygous (FF), heterozygous (F+) or non-carriers(++) of a fecundity gene were obtained 0-48 h after cloprostenol injection on Day 10 of the oestrous cycle [26].

Associations of Fertility with chemical compounds

  • The fecundability ratio adjusted for known risk factors for time to conceive was 1.03 (95% confidence interval 0.92-1.16) between those who consumed more than 7000 mg caffeine per month and those who consumed 500 mg or less per month [27].
  • Whether this will cause reduced fecundity, and how these effects can be extrapolated to the general population exposed to background levels of PCBs and dioxin-like chemicals, warrants further investigation [28].
  • However, seed-addition experiments in a southern California grassland revealed that native perennial species, which had lower requirements for deep soil water, soil nitrate, and light, were strong competitors, and they markedly depressed the abundance and fecundity of exotic annuals after overcoming recruitment limitations [29].
  • Gonadal protection and fecundity rates in cyclophosphamide-treated rats [30].
  • Lupron given every 12 h had a similar effect on fertility, but failed to protect fecundity (P less than 0.001) [30].

Gene context of Fertility

  • However, Indy mutants on a decreased-calorie diet have reduced fecundity, suggesting that a tradeoff between longevity and this aspect of performance is conditional, i.e., the tradeoff can occur in a stressful environment while being absent in a more favorable environment [31].
  • The differential fertility of clk-1 mutant nematodes fed Q isoforms may result from changes in Q localization, altered recognition by Q-binding proteins, and/or potential defects in mitochondrial function resulting from the mutant CLK-1 polypeptide itself [32].
  • EcR mutant females raised at permissive temperature and then shifted to restrictive temperature exhibit severe reductions in fecundity [33].
  • Regarding unc-60 itself, we compared the effect of ten alleles (including five isolated during this study) on hermaphrodite mobility and fecundity [34].
  • In addition, as predicted above, females that did or did not receive Acp26Aa did not differ in survival, lifetime fecundity or lifetime progeny, indicating that Acp26Aa transfer does not represent a significant energetic cost for females and does not contribute to the survival cost of mating [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fertility


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