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The ras-related ypt protein is an ubiquitous eukaryotic protein: isolation and sequence analysis of mouse cDNA clones highly homologous to the yeast YPT1 gene.

The YPT1 gene of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae codes for a guanine nucleotide-binding protein which is essential for cell viability. Using as hybridization probe cloned yeast YPT1 gene sequences, we have isolated from cDNA libraries prepared from RNA of mouse F9 and C3H10T1/2 cells several overlapping cDNA clones with identical sequence in the regions of overlap. The cDNAs were derived from a gene, designated ypt1, which codes for a protein of 205 amino acids with 71% homology to the yeast YPT1 gene product. Amino acid sequences typical for guanine nucleotide-binding proteins and characteristic for ypt proteins are perfectly conserved in the mouse ypt1 protein. Two mRNAs of 1600 and 3200 nucleotides, originating from the mouse ypt1 gene and differing in the length of their 3'-non-translated region, were identified in mouse F9 cells and in all mouse tissues examined. A monoclonal antibody specifically recognizing the 23.5-kd yeast YPT1 protein cross-reacted with a protein of identical size on protein blots of mouse, rat, pig, bovine and human cell lines.[1]


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