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Role of menaquinone in inactivation and activation of the Bacillus cereus forespore respiratory system.

The respiratory systems of the Bacillus cereus mother cell, forespore, and dormant and germinated spore were studied. The results indicated that the electron transfer capacity during sporulation, dormancy, and germination is related to the menaquinone levels in the membrane. During the maturation stages of sporulation (stages III to VI), forespore NADH oxidase activity underwent inactivation concomitant with a sevenfold decrease in the content of menaquinone and without major changes in the content of cytochromes and segment transfer activities. During the same period, NADH oxidase and menaquinone levels in the mother cell compartment steadily decreased to about 50% at the end of stage VI. Dormant spore membranes contained high levels of NADH dehydrogenase and cytochromes, but in the presence of NADH, they exhibited very low levels of O2 uptake and cytochrome reduction. Addition of menadione to dormant spore membranes restored NADH-dependent respiration and cytochrome reduction. During early germination, NADH-dependent respiration and cytochrome reduction were restored simultaneously with a fourfold increase in the menaquinone content; during germination, no significant changes in cytochrome levels or segment electron transfer activities of the respiratory system took place.[1]


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