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Histological localization of two dipeptidases in the pig small intestine and liver, using immunofluorescence.

Antibodies were raised in rabbits against glycylleucine dipeptidase (EC and proline dipeptidase (EC purified from the pig. IgG fractions were isolated and purified by affinity chromatography on Sepharose (dipeptidase) columns and then used in histological studies on the small intestine and the liver from pig, using the double layer immunofluorescence-staining technique. In the small intestine the dipeptidases were predominantly localized in the cytoplasm of the enterocytes. A reaction was also seen in the leukocyte cytoplasm in the stroma of the small intestine. The dipeptidases were present in the villi but not in the crypts. In the liver the dipeptidases were localized in the cytoplasm of the hepatocyte, but strong fluorescence was also obtained in the epithelium of the bile ducts. Glycylleucine dipeptidase and proline dipeptidase have been isolated from liver tissue and they were shown to be immunologically identical with the purified intestinal dipeptidases.[1]


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