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Sequence and structure at the genome 3' end of the U2-strain of tobacco mosaic virus, a histidine-accepting tobamovirus.

The primary sequence of the 3' noncoding region of U2-TMV RNA was determined. A structural model was proposed based on chemical and enzymatic structure mapping as well as on analyses of nuclease protection by aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetase. The model agrees with those proposed for TMV "vulgare" RNA and confirms their general validity for the tobamoviruses. The RNA appears to have a tRNA-like, L-shaped structure at the 3' terminus, linked to a quasi-continuous double-helical stalk, with five pseudoknots involved in the formation of the whole structure. However, the structure of U2-TMV RNA is less stringently conserved than the 3' termini of "vulgare" and other histidine-accepting tobamoviruses. This difference is reflected in the kinetics of aminoacylation of the RNA.[1]


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